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Cerro da Vila

- Roman ruins of Vilamoura.

A visit to Cerro da Vila Museum and Archaeological Station is a 5000-year journey through the history of humankind.

The route through the ruins provides an immersive experience of a typical Roman maritime villa (c. 1st – 5th AD). Inside the villa are mosaics, luxurious fountains (domus), public and private baths, fish sauces factories, funerary monuments (columbaria, inhumation graves) and highlights the existence of a fluvial port serving as a trading post.

  • Children up to 13 years old – free of charge
  • 14 to 64 years old – 4€
  • Students – 2€
  • Over 65 years old – 2€
  • Groups over 10 people – 2€ each

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